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Georgia Bulldogs hot girl at football game.  SEC.

Georgia Peach

It doesn’t get much better than this, does it?  This hot Georgia girl is an absolute knockout.  We rate her a 10/10.
Mississippi State Bulldogs hot girl wearing tight shirt.  MSU hottie.  SEC.

Hot Mississippi State Girl is Perky

This hot MSU girl looks extra…perky to me.  She’s a hottie! Thanks Jay!
Auburn Tigers hot girl.  AU hottie.  SEC.

Auburn Hottie

Here’s a hot girl from Auburn giving her best pose for the camera.  We think she might have a bright future as an air traffic controller.  She’s a hottie – rating is 9/10. Thanks Michelle!
Tennessee Volunteers hot girl.  UT hottie.  SEC.

Tennessee Beauty Queen

This hot girl from Tennessee is absolutely gorgeous.  Doesn’t she look like a beauty pageant winner?  I give her a perfect rating of 10/10. Submission: Nathan  
Texas Tech Red Raiders hot girl vs. Georgia Bulldogs hot girl.  Big 12.  SEC.

More Hottie vs. Hottie – Texas Tech and Georgia

I don’t know what the Texas Tech hottie is staring at, but she’s looking in the wrong direction.  Who’s the winner here?  The hot girl from Georgia or the Texas Tech hottie?  So hard to decide – it’s a draw for me. Submission: John
South Carolina Gamecocks hot girls.  SC hotties.  SEC.

Go (game)Cocks

Love the sign in the background.  But who is paying attention to funny signs when you have these two hotties from South Carolina to look at?  This one is tough, but I’m gonna rate (from L-R in order of hotness) 2nd, 1st. Thanks to Cory for the submission.
Florida Gators hot girl.  U of F UF hottie.  SEC.

Florida Hottie

This Florida hottie is close to bursting out of her shirt.  Anyone have a problem with that?  She gets a 9.  Thanks to Ernest for the pic.
University of South Carolina Gamecocks hot girl.  SC hottie.  SEC.

Gamecocks Blonde Hottie

South Carolina Gamecocks hottie enjoying the game.  She sure stands out in a crowd, doesn’t she?  I give her a 9.  Thanks to Jeff for the pic.
University of Kentucky hot girl. UK Wildcats hottie. SEC.

UK Wildcats Hottie

Here’s a mega hottie from the University of Kentucky.  She gets a 10.  Thanks to J.B. for the pic.
Florida Gators hot girls, SEC

Florida Gator Girls

These hot girls from Florida look like they are ready for the game.  Go Gators!  I rate them all 7s.  Thanks to Brent for the pic.
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